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Thoughts of this Quinnstant

What the shit was supposed to go here?.........My life? What life? My existence is bassically narrowed down to either YouTube or giggling to myself on Tumblr in the security of my Bat Cave (or work...if I'm feeling really edgey). Soooooo yeaaaah....hi.





I’ve never related to anything more

college in a 17 second montage


this made my night a little better

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I love that point in a friendship when you get what the other person’s style is - their “thing.” You see a knit jersey tie and think of them immediately; a type of weather, a bad movie, a woman’s outfit. You know, with absolute certainty, that your friend would enjoy this thing with you more than anyone else in the world. You feel closer in that moment of recognition, even if they’re not there.

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  • anime:Ah yes, the beach episode!
  • cartoons:Ah yes, the episode where a character gets shrunken down and sent into another character to explore their body!

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